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With the right partner, digital transformation in the public sector empowers communities, education, and other public works. The benefits can be tremendous going beyond simple e-government to create transformational outcomes to better public human services and smarter cities.

Innovations in government and other public sector functions are making strides in creating safer neighborhoods, more efficient administrations, and better public services for citizens and communities. Digital projects are springing in all aspects of public works including connected smart cities, improved human and social services, faster emergency response, and enhanced education.

Beyond our digital transformation that are focusing on better e-government solutions, Alister Media also focuses on foundational changes that improve overall society for long term sustainability. One such focus is enhancing education through adopting digital innovation. Alister Media partners with the public sector to nurture the future talents of America.

Digital learning does not replace traditional methods of education, but rather enhances, reinforces, and reiterate knowledge and lessons acquired from the other means. Computer based training (CBT), e-learning, and virtual classrooms have been widely used in both corporate environments and education institutions. Public education needs to go beyond that. Online learning and education games can enhance traditional lessons, but cannot replace social learning and educator-led instructions. A holistic look at the management, administration, and delivery of education must be looked at in order to gain the insights required to make true impact to the education sector.

Digital transformation goes beyond just delivering education materials and lessons, but also allows for additional touchpoints and on-demand access for students. The ability to have lessons on-demand allows students to learn beyond the classrooms. Artificial intelligence (AI) bots helps to serve more intelligent answers and expands greater knowledge with additional supporting information for deeper understanding of topics. Newer technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) based technology provides interactive lessons which allows students to understand and process relevant information better and quicker. Every student is different, and with more personalized and varying methods of lessons delivery, students can achieve more and teachers can now do more to create leaders of the future.

Technology also reduces costs of education administrations. Managing students, admissions, records, schedules, curriculums, funding, and so on can taken a burden on educators and school administrators. With the right digital roadmap, a school can create a digital institution that is more eco-friendly, make better economic decisions, and facilitate better governance and standards. Online portals for students, parents, teachers, and administrators provides more engagements, better real-time information, and increase safety and security.

As always with any technology, digital privacy and security is a concern. Education departments and schools must leverage integrated data to unlock potentials, such as create more fine-tuned programs, enhance user experiences, and personalize standards for communities and students. With the increase use of data, cybersecurity policies and procedures must be created to meet strict standards to protect the data and increase safety for everyone. Alister Media’s cyber resilience practice takes a comprehensive approach to security tailored for education and the public sector. Our approach starts from top-down thorough construction and audits of policies and procedures to meet standards beyond regulatory needs. Execution and implementation of software and hardware provides a bottoms-up approach aligned to the top-down design, tested with industry best practices, and proven beyond certification standards when recommended by experts.

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