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From blockchain and intelligent AI, to design thinking and RegTech. Financial Services is facing new challenges but even greater opportunities. As big data gets even bigger, a new infrastructure is required to stay on top.


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Digital transformation in the financial services, banking, and insurance industry can mean many things. At the core of it, digitalization delivers better customer experience and more personalization, lower cost of operations, higher value of service for customers, reduced firm and systemic risks, more efficient and faster transactions, and better governance and stronger compliance.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be deployed to dramatically increase operating efficiency, make faster customer servicing decisions, and increase accuracy in data collection, processing and decision making. Banks are creating intelligent workflows to make mortgage decisions, approving loans, and customizing other products for customers. Insurance companies are leveraging AI to underwrite better policies, adjust claims more efficiently, and reduce frauds. RPA can help investment management firms support higher volume of processing, meet more stringent SLAs and higher quality standards. With powered analytics and AI, asset portfolios can reduce risks and generate additional returns.

Fintech is a growing force of change that cannot be ignored. With every introduction of a new generation of people and technology, business are required to adopt new ideas and adapt to acquire the new customer pool. Businesses that do not adapt are destined to be obsolete. Alister Media, with part of its roots in financial services and data understands that there are new challenges that needs to be solved for a successful fintech adoption. Investments in upgrading legacy systems and processes to be more agile and be able to handle modern data volumes. Customers behaviors are segmented by technology use versus traditional customer interfacing. A right strategy must be tailored to both retain existing customers and to gain new customers that wants digitization applications without alienating existing ones. What is a must is that customers wants thing faster, cheaper, and easier. To correctly transition legacy systems and processes, firms must assess its currently capabilities and currently challenges in order to create the appropriate roadmap to adopt new technologies to acquire customers.

Fintech, as a change agent, also has its own risks. Building and deploying new technologies can be costly if the return on investments is not able to be realized. Alister Media’s go to market advisors helps our clients to successfully launch new products and services into the market with confidence. Whether the client is a new fintech startup, or an banking, or insurance institution, our expertise in both transformation and digital marketing & branding, we provide the capabilities for companies to create new fintech solution or launch new fintech solutions into the marketplace.

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