Consumer Packaged Goods

The consumer products industry is faced with changing consumer demands, shrinking operating margins, and a globalizing economy. Let Alister Media, exploit technology and data, modernize your company and grow your markets.


What does a modernized CPG company look like?

Consumer packaged goods companies needs to assess its operations with an “outside in” view. Technology is fundamental to having a competitive advantage in this industry, and now it is critical more than ever. IT programs are instrumental in shaping employee productivity, supply chain optimization, and accessing consumers and their behaviors. During the past few years, novel tools and technology advances has given executives and technology leaders unprecedented insights into details of consumer behaviors, market predictions, supply chain inefficiencies, and novel point of sales. Companies that has not made large investments in data sciences and analytics, integrating systems across business functions, digital marketing, and social media management as falling behind their competitors. Modernized CPG companies outpace their competitions through investing in a digital strategy that can optimize operations such as just-in-time manufacturing for direct-to-consumer point of sales and react to demand in real-time, or use predictive analytics to target consumer behaviors to accelerate ideas to products, and integrate massive data sets across businesses to increase quality and productions.

Exploiting technology and data is no longer a nice-to-have, but is now a must-have for any CPG companies looking to maintain profits and grow or expand. Want to see how Alister Media #DigitalTransformation helps CPG companies plan, make, sell, and manage better.

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