Alister Media consulting, based out of New York City, works across many industries delivering transformational outcomes in digital strategy, branding, marketing services and web technologies. We drive innovation and help businesses sustain growth.


It is essential for healthcare to continuously rejuvenate its technology services. From Web-based Electronic health records (EHR) and data collection to the use of Virtual Reality (VR) pre-surgery.

Life Sciences

What does your company aspire to do? We drive to deliver value through better patient outcomes. Partner with our life sciences team to reinvent pharmaceutical, biotech, precision medicine, and medical technology.

Public Sector

Educational capabilities are growing and changing every day. New technologies like AI-based tutoring, machine learning, and educational software is being used to enhance not only student learning but educator roles.

Hospitality & Travel

Wow your customers with the ultimate digital experience, mobile optimized bookings, and a personalized guest services. Break new ground with technological innovations in Travel, Hospitality & Leisure to keep pace with evolving consumer demands.

Financial Services

From blockchain and intelligent AI, to design thinking and RegTech. Financial Services is facing new challenges but even greater opportunities. As big data gets even bigger, a new infrastructure is required to stay on top.

Non Profit

Grow your relationships with digital without loosing the human connection. Speak with us about mobile-fundraising, tell engaging stories online, and maximize reach with your donors, patrons, and community.


From Chat Bots to RFID tags - Retail is being transformed. Let's also talk about Augmented and VR apps that let customers get a visual representation of how an item might appear on them or in their home.


Create your customer-centric digital brands for Consumer Goods and embrace digital transformation for your supply chain. Deploy a personalized consumer digital platform. Empower marketing with data & analytics across geographies, offline, and digital channels.

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